Our Philosophy

Partnering with our customers to deliver high quality parts on schedule is the foundation of our company. We accomplish this often difficult task by focusing on quality, consistency, performance, and service. Each of these initiatives help us operate cost-effectively and with minimal disruption in the development of singular relationships with our business partners.


On the floor of a CNC machine shop it can be chaotic, loud, and demanding on machines, process, and personnel. G Zero uses a tool box of policies and procedures to ensure that every unit produced falls within acceptable tolerance levels, is on budget and built in a time sensitive manner. Quality control is maintained from hiring and training qualified personnel and adhering to strict guidelines for handling raw materials, running production, and evaluating the final product.


No matter how careful and precise, manufacturing is prone to production issues and unforeseen demands on the system. Although the overall goal is to eliminate issues before they occur, there are instances of inconsistency. Realizing this G Zero uses a process-based "reaction" protocol to identify, evaluate, and rectify problems. This solution along with continual attention to detail, training, and quality control ensures accuracy and low levels of waste passed onto the final customer in the form of competitive pricing and delivery.


Getting the job done can be daunting at times particularly when dealing with large volumes of machined parts delivered against a deadline and G Zero is no stranger to this problem. To maintain production levels every project is evaluated against a sequence of protocols and mapped to create optimal work flow conditions. Thorough testing and process refinement are executed prior to release of any job to the production environment. These actions contribute to highly successful performance levels that our strategic partners often cite as a value addition to the business relationship.


Customer service in a manufacturing environment relies on communication, clarity of expectations, and constructive feedback from all stakeholders. At G Zero each project starts with clearly defined rules of engagement, set roles and responsibilities, and mutual understanding of expected outcomes. Our commitment to excellence and the highest level of customer satisfaction is demonstrated from the first interaction until the acceptance of the completed product. Our customer care system depends on feedback mechanisms like surveys, testimonials, interviews, and case studies. Using these strategic tools enables our company to maintain a competitive advantage in customer service and our industry.